Jefferson Theatre Company
4001 W 102 St
Bloomington, MN  55437
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JTC Fall Newsletter

Jungle Book Parent Meeting
Monday, August 25th • 7pm • Media Center 

New to JTC - Parenting 101 Meeting
Thursday, September 11th • 7pm • Media Center
Captains talk and introduce themselves!


Jungle Book:  

October 1st, Senior Show, 4pm
October 3rd, 7pm
October 4th, 1pm and 7pm
October 5, 3pm

Miracle on 34th Street:

December 4th, Senior Show 4pm
December 5th, 7pm
December 6th, 7pm
December 7th, 3pm

Trojan Women:

February 13th, 7pm at JFK


May 6th, Senior Show 4pm
May 7th, 7pm
May 8th, 7pm
May 9th, 1pm and 7pm
May 10th, 3pm
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